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T-Ball FAQs

  • For practices, shorts are ok, although baseball pants or sweatpants are highly recommended.  There is no sliding in T-Ball but kids still like to roll around in the grass/dirt. 
  • For games, the League will provide shirts and hats.  Families are responsible for purchasing gray uniform pants on their own.
  • Cleats are recommended, but it is ok to wear tennis shoes for practices and games if you do not have cleats. 

Each player should have the following:

  • Glove
  • Bat (make sure it’s a T-Ball bat)
  • Helmet: Important update - this season the league will be introducing pitching machines to the T-ball kids and it is REQUIRED to have facemasks/cages on the helmet!
  • Baseball bag/backpack to carry everything
  • Athletic cups aren’t required for t-ball.  Batting gloves are allowed but really aren’t necessary. 

There are many places to purchase equipment, including 2nd Time Sports (on Main Street), Play it Again Sports (on 19 in Palm Harbor), and Dick’s Sporting Goods (across from Countryside Mall - the league sends 20% off coupons throughout the seasons, so be on the lookout for the next one). 

Games/Practice Schedule: 

Preseason, T-ball will have two practices during the week. In season, T-Ball will have one weekday practice, and two games (one weeknight practice, one Saturday game). 


Local Sponsors

Greater Dunedin Little League

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Dunedin, Florida 34697

Phone: 727-430-1338

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