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These 10 questions are tough, so you might want to ask mom, dad, brother, sister, a friend or your coach for help. Read each one, make your best guess, and then click on the link below to see the answers. Good luck!

  1. In a Little League Baseball game, a runner is on first base, but the runner leaves the base during the pitcher's windup. The catcher, seeing the runner has made it to second base easily, does not even bother to try to throw the runner out. What's the call?

    1. "Runner is out"
    2. "Runner goes back to first base"
    3. "No call, it is a stolen base"
    4. "Please give Dugout a doughnut"

  2. Who is the only person to play in the Little League World Series, the College Baseball World Series, and the Major League Baseball World Series?

    1. Ed Vosberg
    2. Gary Sheffield
    3. Nolan Ryan
    4. Dugout's cousin, "Bucky"
  3. Jamie is a Little League player. One weekend at the ballpark, Jamie is asked by the Maintenance Supervisor to ride along on the riding lawnmower as the fields are mowed. What should Jamie do?

    1. Ride along and learn how to use the mower
    2. Ride along, but wear a helmet
    3. Tell the Maintenance Supervisor, "No thanks, that's dangerous."
    4. Offer to do the mowing.
  4. What is the name of the stadium where the Little League Baseball World Series championship game is played?

    1. Howard J. Lamade Stadium
    2. Yankee Stadium
    3. Williamsport Stadium
    4. Dugout Stadium
  5. In a Little League Baseball game, bases are loaded with no outs, and Adam hits a high pop fly. The pitcher, Susan, barely has to move as the ball falls directly down to her. What should the umpire shout, before the ball makes it to Susan's glove?

    1. "Dead ball, batter is out!"
    2. "Fair ball!"
    3. "Infield fly, batter is out!"
    4. "Hot dogs are now 50 cents in the concession stand!"
  6. Who is the "Founder of Little League?"

    1. Carl Stotz
    2. Amos Alonzo Stagg
    3. Pop Warner
    4. Dizzy, the pitcher on "Team Dugout"

  7. After a game, Miranda and Joseph are getting ready to ride their bikes home like they always do (with helmets on, of course). Joseph says he needs to help the coach put equipment away first. Meanwhile, a coach offers to take both, and their bikes, home in the back of a pickup truck. What should Miranda do?

    1. Ride her bike home alone
    2. Offer to help with the equipment, then insist that she and Joseph ride their bikes home together
    3. Accept the ride in the back of the coach's pickup truck
    4. Catch a ride with a stranger

  8. Which of these is the BEST reason for not sliding headfirst while stealing second base in a Little League (Majors Division) game of baseball or softball?

    1. You might get a mouthful of dirt
    2. It's dangerous, and you will be called out
    3. No problem - sliding headfirst is OK
    4. Your parents will be mad because you got your uniform dirty

  9. Who was the first Little League graduate to become President of the United States?

    1. George Washington
    2. George Brett
    3. George W. Bush
    4. Dugout's uncle George

  10. What is the name of the town where the Little League Softball World Series is played every year?

    1. Portland, Oregon
    2. Williamsport, Pennsylvania
    3. Miami, Florida
    4. Dugoutland, California


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